Beauty for every day

From classic to modern, from casual to elegant: our corporate unit Beauty unites fragrances for men and women, for every day and for any occasion.

Variety meets zeitgeist

Perfumes and body care products are a much-loved part of most people’s lives. Their fragrance creates a fashionable accent, underscores the wearer’s personal style and adds a touch of sensuousness to everyday life.  


MÄURER & WIRTZ’s BEAUTY unit unites fashionable perfumes and some of the company’s classic perfumes, including creative licensed fragrances for fashion labels such as Betty Barclay, Otto Kerns.Oliver and NEW YORKER, as well as perennially popular own brands, including Tabac Original, Tosca and Nonchalance. With this appealing portfolio, BEAUTY stands for vibrant diversity in the perfume market.